Saxon Care Sponsors Local Sports Clubs

— June 28, 2024

Supporting Chippenham Town Bowls Club and Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club

At Saxon Care, our roots in the Wiltshire community run deep. We are passionate about supporting families through our award-winning care and actively contributing to local initiatives that unite people. We are excited to share news about our latest partnerships: sponsoring the cherished Chippenham Town Bowls Club and the dynamic Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club!

Chippenham Town Bowls Club

Chippenham Town Bowls Club has been a fixture in our community for decades. Generations have come together to enjoy the timeless sport of lawn bowls. The club is a beacon of tradition, camaraderie, and community spirit. We are delighted to support a club that embodies values closely aligned with ours.

Our sponsorship is not just a financial commitment but a celebration of the community spirit that defines Chippenham. We look forward to participating in the club’s future, supporting tournaments, social events, and initiatives that keep this local treasure vibrant and welcoming. Whether you’re a seasoned bowler or a curious newcomer, the Chippenham Town Bowls Club offers a warm welcome, and we’re excited to be partnered with the team and their organisers.

Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club

In addition to our partnership with the Bowls Club, we are proud to be a sponsoring partner of the Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club. Known for its thrilling matches and strong community involvement, the rugby club is a powerhouse of local and, in fact, national sportsmanship. Supporting this club aligns perfectly with our mission to contribute to the community beyond our core services. Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club is more than just a sports club—it’s a community hub where players of all ages and backgrounds come together to share their love for rugby. By sponsoring the club, we are investing in a future where local sports can thrive, encouraging teamwork, discipline, and a sense of belonging. We look forward to engaging with the club’s activities, from match days to summer events at their fantastic sports venue.

A Broader Commitment to Community

At Saxon Care, we believe our responsibility to the community extends beyond award-winning care. We are committed to supporting local initiatives while impacting families' daily lives across Wiltshire. Our partnerships with Chippenham Town Bowls Club and Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club are only small reflections of this broader commitment.

We understand that well-being encompasses more than just health care; it includes the social, recreational, and communal aspects of life that bring joy and fulfilment. By supporting these clubs, we want to contribute to a vibrant, active, and connected community where people of all ages can find opportunities to engage, participate, and thrive.

We want to thank both clubs for welcoming us as sponsors. We are thrilled to support them and play a small part in Wiltshire's community life.

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