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At Saxon Care, we work with both local authority funded and self-funding clients, as well as a number of other commissioning groups such as the NHS.

Self-Funded Care

If you prefer to self-fund your care, we have transparent and competitive pricing options available. Our goal is to provide exceptional care without compromising on quality.

Council-Funded Care

Saxon Care is proud to work with local authorities to provide funded care options. We understand the processes involved and can guide you through the necessary steps to secure the support you need.

How much does a package of care cost?

A package of Care with us will vary in cost depending on your needs, but are often times much cheaper than compared with residential or nursing care, whilst giving you a much greater amount of flexibility. Every clients needs are different so we offer a range of visit durations and frequencies to help accommodate as much as possible. If you have any queries about the packages we offer or pricing, one of our staff members would be happy to hear from you.

Can I get help and support from my local council to pay for my care?

Whether you or your loved ones are entitled to any financial help from the local authority in order to fund a package of care depends on your financial situation. To see if you are entitled to any support, Local councils will carry out a financial assessment, taking into account things like your income and savings, to give an indication of how much help you would be entitled to. If you have savings above the threshold of £23,250, it's likely you will need to fund your care package privately.

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