Winter is coming! Top tips to stay warm this winter

It’s that time of year where shorts and flip flops are replaced with coats and bobble hats, Christmas songs are on the radio and mulled wine is back on the menu! But with cold weather on the way, here are a few simple tips on how you can stay warm and safe this winter:

  • Stay active
    • A little bit of exercise is great, not just for overall health but to help keep warm in winter too! Looking for ways to keep active, like regularly getting up and stretching your legs, is a great way to keep the cold away.
    • Chair-based exercises are great if walking is a little difficult, and the NHS has some nice examples with this link here
  • Layer up
    • Dressing in layers is a great way of regulating your temperature as warm air gets trapped between the layers. If you’re off out and about, consider wearing a scarf, a hat and some warm shoes with good grip
    • Keep in mind The NHS recommends that If you have a heart or respiratory condition, you stay inside during very cold weather
  • Heat your home
    • Get your boiler serviced
      • It’s a good idea to get your boiler serviced regularly by a professional to help make sure your homes central heating is good to go all year round
    • keep your windows closed overnight
      • Breathing in cold air can possibly increase the risk of things like chest infections, so having the windows closed when the temperature drops overnight is recommended.
    • Draw your curtains
      • This helps to keep the heat indoors
    • Stay safe and check your alarms
      • Make sure that your smoke alarms are working and are tested by a professional regularly
      • Consider buying a carbon monoxide alarm if you don’t have one already
      • If you have an open fire, make sure you have a fire guard and be careful what’s nearby!
  • Consider getting a flu Jab
    • Getting the flu is never nice and in some cases it can lead to more serious illnesses or infections. The NHS offers free flu jabs (e.g. to those aged 65 and above) and you can find more information here
  • Keep on top of your Medication
    • If you are on regular medication, it’s good to plan ahead in case of severe weather. Speak to your pharmacy if your medication is delivered or see if a family member, a neighbour or your carer can help make sure that you don’t run out
  • Stay prepared in case of emergency
    • With the risk of severe weather in the winter, it’s good to follow some basic tips to stay prepared in case of things like a power cut or snow:
      • Make sure you have plenty of food and water in the house
      • Have a torch nearby, keep a mobile phone charged up and have some emergency numbers, such as your family or care provider, either saved in the phone or nearby too
      • Know where your fuse box is
  • Check in on your neighbours
    • If the weather is a bit dodgy, it can be a real blessing to have a neighbour pop round to check if there’s anything that they need and that they are all safe and well.

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