Trowbridge Awarded Good Across All Areas by the CQC!

— July 2, 2024

We’re thrilled to inform you that our Trowbridge Office has received a glowing report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), scoring a ‘Good’ rating across all aspects of their latest inspection.

What is the CQC and Why Does It Matter?

For those not in the know, the CQC is England's independent regulator of health and social care. Think of them as the team that ensures that care services, like ours, are safe, effective, compassionate, and high-quality. They visit care providers, assess the services, and publish their findings to help people make informed care decisions. Their seal of approval is a big deal—it means you can trust that you or your loved ones are in safe hands.

The CQC's role is crucial because it ensures transparency across the care industry. By openly reporting their findings, the CQC holds care providers accountable and helps the public understand the quality of care being delivered. This transparency is key to building trust and improving standards across the board. You can read the full report here

What Our ‘Good’ Rating Means

So, what does ‘Good’ mean for us at Saxon Care? In short, it’s a huge pat on the back! 🏅 It means our services are meeting the CQC’s high standards in areas like:

  • Safety: We're providing a safe environment and taking proper steps to prevent harm.
  • Effectiveness: Our services are effective in helping people achieve good outcomes.
  • Caring: We’re compassionate and respectful towards the families and individuals we care for across Wiltshire.
  • Responsiveness: We're adaptable and responsive to the needs of our clients.
  • Leadership: We’re well-led, with strong management and a clear vision.

Looking Forward

But we’re not stopping here! While we're over the moon with our ‘Good’ rating, we have our sights set on ‘Outstanding.’ We’re committed to continuous improvement and are rolling out new strategies and initiatives across all our Saxon Care teams in Wiltshire to elevate our care even further.

This includes:

  • Enhanced Training: Investing in advanced training programmes for our staff to sharpen their skills and knowledge, more exciting news will be announced soon on this.
  • Innovative Practices: Implementing new, innovative practices to improve service delivery, user satisfaction and operational effectiveness.
  • Community Engagement: Strengthening our ties with the community to ensure we’re truly meeting their needs where we can.

A Huge Thank You!

A big THANK YOU to all our wonderful teams for their hard work and dedication. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without your passion and commitment. You’re the heart and soul of Saxon Care, and we’re so grateful for everything you do. 💖

Thank you also to our clients and their families, thank you for your trust and support. We’re honoured to be part of your lives and look forward to continuing to provide the high standard of care you deserve.

Here’s to even greater things ahead! 🎉

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